A total solution to create a future-ready, motivated and effective L&D function

For all Learning Departments.

The Performance Through Learning programme is a proven system that helps learning departments commit to continuous improvement through independent quality standards.

Since 1995, we’ve guided hundreds of international organisations through the accreditation programme, making us uniquely placed to partner with you to develop your business strategy and capability.

Featuring a powerful mix of analysis, structured support, recommendations, new connections, analytics and benchmarking assessments, Learning Department Accreditation will enable positive impact, performance focus and continuous improvement in your organisation.

What problems does Performance Through Learning solve?

Your are not being seen as leading transformation in your organisation

You have no information about how you compare to other, high-performing learning departments

You are struggling to develop learning that aligns to the current and future challenges in your organisation

You're not sure where to invest in the right capabilities (skills, tools, technologies, partnerships) that will enable your strategy and growth

What are the benefits of the Performance Through Learning programme for Learning Departments?

Recognition from the global body for workplace learning.

Prove to your stakeholders that you are a modern, performance-focused L&D function.

Build differentiation and trust for your strategy and plans.

Benefit from an independent structured review and benchmarking of your strategy.

New networks and connections.

Complimentary access to LEARNING LIVE Networks, a vibrant, knowledge-sharing network of L&D leaders, researchers and providers.

Sharpen your competitive edge with early access to the latest trend data and thought-leadership articles.

Learn from other L&D organisations what works and what doesn’t.

Build and fortify the professional networks of your business teams, creating a progressive, innovative and purposeful cohort of organisations and individuals.



Collaborative approaches to learning and business challenges


DR JULIA SHAW aka "The Memory Hacker"
London South Bank University


Expertly sourced for you by Martin Couzins


Tackling the challenges of learning leaders

2 day conference in Central London


DAVE COPLIN, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft


ELLIOTT MASIE, Futurist, author, speaker
Founder of the MASIE Center

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Strategic support, guidance and mentoring.

Expert guidance on where to invest your efforts to enable your strategy.

Help to define your target audience, their current context and pain points.

Regular assessment of your professional standards through the LPIs key performance indicator framework.

Help to build the capabilities (skills, tools, technologies, partnerships) that will underpin your efforts.

Access to powerful analytics and reports.

Compare your business strategy with other, high-performing learning departments.

Prioritise opportunities for ongoing improvement.

Align your strategy to the current and future needs of your organisation.

How does it work?

1. Meet Your Mentor
You will be assigned a dedicated LPI Learning and Performance mentor with significant learning strategy and L&D department leadership experience. They will work with you throughout the year to ensure that your L&D team develops in all of the criteria below:

KPI set for Learning Department Accreditation

2. Accreditation Report & Recommendations
You receive a confidential, structured report focusing on the business and learning processes that underpin your L&D value and service proposition for your organisation. Your assessment shows where you are against current standards and makes clear recommendations for improvement.

3. Implement Recommended Changes
Based on the suggestions made in the annual Accreditation report, you put a roadmap into place to implement the recommended changes over the next 12 months. You have access to your mentor and to the LPI team and network for advice throughout the year.

4. Recognition
You achieve LPI Learning Department Accreditation, recognising your ability to enable and facilitate exceptional learning with within your organisation that contributes to performance improvement and positive change. You are permitted to use the Learning and Performance Institute logo on your company website and marketing literature, along with the text ‘LPI Accredited Learning Department’. This differentiates the L&D department as a forward-thinking, performance focused function committed to leading a continuous learning strategy.

5. Annual Progress Review
Your accreditation mentor reviews your progress against plan and verifies your continued accreditation status with the LPI.

Gold Standard Accreditation

Gold Standard Accreditation is the pinnacle of achievement. In order to achieve this standard, the following must be in place:

  • Departments must have at least one year of Accreditation successfully completed with no outstanding non-conformances
  • Overall mean KPI score greater or equal to 75% of maximum across all sections
  • At least two, client endorsed, case studies of projects/work completed in the previous twelve months that evidenced demonstrable, quantified, positive business outcomes for the client – to be validated through a telephone-based client reference with at least one of the clients
  • No outstanding client quality issues that have not been fully addressed to the documented satisfaction of the client
  • All personnel involved in the design or delivery of the learning must be professional members of the Learning and Performance Institute

Promote your accreditation status in your sales & marketing

Learning Departments who undertake the Performance Through Learning programme are awarded the Accredited Learning Department digital badge and logo, ready to share on websites, sales and marketing literature, email signatures and social media.

 To learn more about the Performance Through Learning programme for your L&D Department, please use the form below to get in touch

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