Learning Facilities Accreditation

For public venues and facilities who wish to provide high-quality environments to the learning sector

Benefits at a glance

Your facilities are promoted to the learning and training market.

You are assigned a mentor who will work with you to continually improve your learning facilities.

Clients are assured that your venues meet quality standards for learning and that you are committed to meeting present and future needs.

 Get a digital recognition for your Learning Facility

Learning Facilities that successfully complete the accreditation process are awarded the Accredited Learning Facility digital badge ready to share on your website, email signature and social media.

Warwick Conferences is an LPI Accredited Learning Facility.


etc.venues at 200 Aldersgate, London.
etc.venues is an LPI Accredited Learning Facility

Why become accredited?
Promotion to the learning and development market
Your facilities will be endorsed by the foremost accreditation body for the learning and development sector. Having the LPI's impartial, internationally-recognized accreditation assures prospects that your venues provide everything they need to hold successful learning events.
Ongoing mentoring and performance improvement
You'll be assigned a mentor who will work with you throughout your accreditation. Your mentor will bring significant industry expertise and decades-worth of performance data, collected from thousands of companies, to help measure, benchmark and continually improve your learning facilities.
Marketing support and networking
You will join an elite register of approved suppliers to thousands of learning professionals. Accreditation gives you access to hundreds of companies worldwide and provides opportunity for partnerships, research, joint events, LPI marketing support and much more.
Prove your commitment to a globally-recognised quality standard
Setting yourself apart from non-accredited facilities demonstrates your desire to providing superb learning environments. As client needs change, your ongoing commitment to accreditation proves you are confident in your ability to meet those needs.
How does it work?

1. Meet Your Mentor
You will be assigned a dedicated LPI Learning and Performance mentor with significant commercial experience. They will work with you throughout the year to ensure that your organisation develops in all of the Accreditation criteria below:

2. Business Consultation
Your mentor will evaluate your facility against a comprehensive set of KPI’s developed by industry experts in 1996 and continually refined and validated by data from thousands of organisations. Your mentor will also evaluate potential business opportunities and critical areas of business risk.

3. Strategy Report & Recommendations
You receive a full and confidential report focusing on the business and learning processes that underpin your value and service proposition to the wider organisation. Your assessment shows where you are against current standards and makes recommendations for improvement.

4. Achieve Accreditation
As your plan gets underway, the LPI endorses your journey towards improvement with an internationally recognised and peer-reviewed accreditation. Your mentor continues to support you throughout the year and you can now participate in promotional and networking activities with the wider LPI community.

Gold Standard Accreditation

Gold Standard Accreditation is the pinnacle of achievement. In order to achieve this standard, the following must be in place:

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