An ongoing programme of collaborative support and guidance to help LEARNING PROVIDERS tackle challenges and develop their proposition and strategy to grow their business

For all Learning Providers.

The Accreditation programme is a proven system that helps learning providers commit to continuous improvement through independent quality standards.

Since 1995, we’ve guided hundreds of international organisations through the programme, making us uniquely placed to partner with you to develop your business strategy and capability.

Featuring a powerful mix of ongoing support, feedback, new professional contacts, analytics, and benchmarking assessments, Learning Provider Accreditation will accelerate fresh and positive change in your organisation.

What are the challenges that Learning Provider Accreditation solves?
What are the benefits of the Accreditation programme?

Recognition from the global body for workplace learning.

Prove to your customers that you are a quality- focused brand.

Build differentiation and trust for your business.

Understand and prioritise opportunities for ongoing improvement based on an independent quality framework.

Access to powerful analytics and enhanced reporting.

Compare your business strategy with other, similar organisations.

Get strategic views of current and future opportunities for differentiation and growth.

Get valuable data that drives key questions for the leadership team.

Recommended steps to invigorate your continuous improvement efforts.

Strategic support, guidance and mentoring.

Ongoing, structured mentorship from the LPI to support your growth plans

Help to define your target audience, their current context and pain points

Regular assessment of your professional standards through the LPIs key performance indicator framework.

Help to build the capabilities (skills, tools, technologies, partnerships) that will underpin your efforts.

New networks and connections.

Get inspired with access to vibrant, knowledge-sharing networks of L&D professionals.

Sharpen your competitive edge with early access to the latest trend data and thought-leadership articles.

Learn from other L&D organisations what works and what doesn’t.

Build and fortify the professional networks of your business teams, creating a progressive, innovative and purposeful cohort of organisations and individuals.

Promote your accreditation status in your sales & marketing

Recognition and validation of your operating model and business strategy

Buyers of learning products and services want reassurance that they are choosing a reputable vendor. Learning Providers who undertake the Accreditation programme are awarded the Accredited Learning Provider digital badge and logo, ready to share on websites, sales and marketing literature, email signatures and social media.

To learn more about the Performance Through Learning programme for your organisation, please use the form below to get in touch
 To learn more about the Performance Through Learning programme for your organisation, please use the form below to get in touch

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