The Top 15 Highest-Performing Learning Departments

What does ‘highest-performing’ mean?

Since 1995, the Learning and Performance Institute has consulted with, evaluated, and mentored thousands of organisations worldwide to help them build internal capability and deliver notable performance improvement. This is done through the LPI’s accreditation service: a consultative framework that focuses on “Performance through Learning” – prioritising outcomes over delivery, homing in on the value, efficacy and business impact of learning, and aligning competencies with organisational strategy and goals.

The 15 organisations listed in this eBook have a clear roadmap by which to build their internal capability and adapt their strategy for continual success. They demonstrate a strong employee value proposition and have a corporate culture that instills confidence throughout the organisation, from delivery to support. They are passionate and committed to developing their staff, their offerings, their efficacy, and their performance.

Existing and prospective employees can be assured that these 15 organisations will provide the highest quality of learning and the best end-user experience. They are trusted learning partners, acting always in the best interests of their internal stakeholders and, as such, fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute.

How are they measured?

During an accreditation assessment, the LPI evaluates organisational efficacy against the following key performance indicators (KPI’s), scoring each against a reference framework.

The results of this are fed into a formula that applies weightings to each KPI to generate numbers representing Best Solution, Best Operational Management and Best Overall. This eBook uses the figures from Best Overall*

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Why become accredited?
Proof that you rank among the highest-performing departments in the world
Show exactly where your department stands against thousands of others by comparing your KPI's to the industry's leading repository of data-points for learning and performance.
Ongoing support from a dedicated sector expert
You'll be assigned a mentor who will work with you throughout your accreditation. Your mentor will bring significant industry expertise and decades-worth of performance data, collected from thousands of companies, to help measure, benchmark and continually improve your learning department.
Recognition that your department is committed to providing business value
Accreditation demonstrates that your learning department is capable, competent, provides value and has a positive impact on the performance of the business. Continued accreditation strengthens your confidence to cater for present and future learning needs.
Marketing support and networking
Raise your profile even further. Accreditation gives you access, via the LPI's network of contacts, to hundreds of companies worldwide and provides opportunity for partnerships, research, joint events, marketing support and much more.
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