Performance Consulting Masterclass (PCM)

This masterclass equips you with a powerful set of skills and techniques that will enhance your capability as an effective performance consultant, helping you contribute significant value to your clients and to your organisation in an era of great change and uncertainty.

Equipped with these skills and effective tools, you’ll be able to:

What is Performance Consulting? (2:54)

Senior LPI consultant, Ettie McCormack, explains why Performance Consulting is important and why you should be using it.

 Designed for

Workplace learning and HR professionals who want to make a significant difference by assessing business objectives, analysing causes of gaps in performance, develop strategies to manage and close those gaps and measure the impact on business results.

 Becoming a certified performance consultant

Delegates who successfully complete the masterclass are awarded the PCM Certification (issued by The Learning and Performance Institute) and permitted to use, display and share the official PCM digital badge.

Live Online Workshop

Next Sessions: 29-30 July 2020  |  19-20 August 2020

Duration: 12 hours live online (over 2 days with breaks)

Learning formats: Virtual sessions, workbook

Pre-requisites: A short pre-work exercise to complete before the first online session

Group size: 6 – 10 people

Available as:

What’s Covered?

UNIT 1. Pre-workshop plus online preparation

✔ Self assess 4 key competencies

✔ Identify a client project to work with

✔ Meet your facilitator and prepare for the workshop

UNIT 2. Welcome and Setting the Scene

✔ Workshop overview

✔ What is Performance Consulting?

✔ The Role of the Performance Consultant

✔ Common Causes of Performance Gaps

UNIT 3. Process and Critical Skills

✔ Tactical or Strategic Requests?

✔ A Shift in Mindset to Performance Consulting

✔ The Performance Consulting Pyramid

✔ Organisational & Emotional Intelligence

UNIT 4. Assessing Performance Gaps

✔ Analysing Performance Gaps

✔ Effective Interviews with stakeholders at all levels

✔ Active Listening

UNIT 5. Designing Systematic Solutions & Measuring Results

✔ Designing Performance Solutions

✔ Defining your Project

✔ The  Right Tools at the Right Time

✔ Measuring Results

UNIT 6. Simulation Workshop

✔ Simulation Exercise & Debrief

✔ Tying it together with own client project from Unit 1

✔ Continuous Development Opportunities

Classroom Workshop

Next Workshop: 16-17 September 2020

Duration: 2 days face-to-face

Learning formats: Classroom, workbook

Pre-requisites: A short pre-work exercise to complete and bring to the workshop

Group size: 6 – 12 people

Available as:

What’s Covered?

DAY 1.

Performance Consulting Defined
The facilitator introduces the concept of performance consulting and compares the role of a performance consultant with that of a trainer. Participants learn the factors that contribute to performance gaps.

Designing Performance Solutions
Participants complete a process map, cause-and-effect diagram, impact/effort grid, Identifying Related Initiatives worksheet, CheckPoints worksheet, and Involvement worksheet for their current business situation. They next review the skills areas related to designing systematic solutions and identify personal development activities for those skills.

Implementing Performance Solutions
The facilitator introduces how to communicate the solution using guidelines and CheckPoints.

Simulation Preparation
The facilitator introduces and distributes a simulation which the participants will use in their skills practice session.

DAY 2.

Simulation Analysis & Presentations
In small groups, participants work through the performance consulting process and apply their knowledge, skills and tools to the simulation. They then present their analysis of the simulation and receive feedback from the facilitator and other participants.

Individual Development Plans
Using assessments and developmental activities identified throughout the workshop, participants develop individual plans to enhance their performance consulting skills.

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Accelerate your Performance Consulting impact with virtual coaching

Ask for our Virtual Coaching module – and reduce your time to value

For closed workshops, there is an optional virtual coaching module. Normally facilitated 2-3 months after the event, it provides feedback and mentoring, and evaluates the impact once consultants are back in the work environment with their clients.

Discussing early successes and any obstacles encountered reinforces the learning and creates a strong peer group of professionals who problem solve and coach each other to success.

Gauge the value of the investment you have made in your team with PCM and demonstrate the impact it has had on the business.

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Next live online sessions: 24-25th June 2020

Next classroom workshop: 16-17th September 2020

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