Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA) with IFC, a member of the World Bank

The Train the Trainer programme offered by IFC, a member of the World Bank, is transforming the quality of training delivery and assessment throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Working closely with the Learning and Performance Institute, the global body for learning professionals, IFC World Bank is building an empowered community of highly-skilled trainers that pushes Africa to the forefront of modern learning.

Craig Hamill of Zonal talks about the benefits of TPMA

Why Assess Trainers?

Trainers may know their subjects inside out but that doesn’t mean they are going to be effective communicators.

For a training manager, knowing that all trainers have reached an industry-recognised level of competency means that quality is assured across all courses.

Adopting TPMA as a standard assessment and monitoring program gives several benefits:

The quality of all training is maintained to the highest standards.

Course delegates acquire a sound learning experience, highly relevant to their respective workplaces.

Trainers become more confident in their abilities to train.

The consistency of approach and adherence to an industry-recognised certification can help win business both internally and externally.


How does it work?

TPMA focuses on the needs of the learner, not the knowledge of the trainer.
This “inverted” approach allows trainers to understand how their delegates consume information which, in turn, increases their confidence to deliver it.

Unlike most off-the-shelf training certifications, TPMA Assessments are carried out in a live working environment giving trainers the confidence that TPMA will have a direct impact on their current role.

The ongoing quality of performance is ensured by regular, live, independently-governed assessment sessions.

Become an IFC Training Assessor

Become an IFC Authorised Training Assessor and conduct your own TPMA Assessments.*


Further details will be supplied here

Further details will be supplied here

Further details will be supplied here


Any questions? Contact us to apply for Authorised Assessment Centre status

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Quotes from Assessors

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