David Parkinson

Approved Accreditation Mentor
Specialities: Business Development/Sales Strategy/Business Alignment/Client Relationship Management, Classroom-based delivery/ Instructor led Training and Facilitation, Coaching/Mentoring, Employee Engagement, Executive Coaching, Leadership Communication and Effectiveness, Organisational Change/Development, Project Management, Operations Management, Transition Coaching for Managers and Leaders
Industry Expertise: Education, Government (local, central), Transport and Travel

Professional Profile:

David Parkinson is an established consultant, trainer and coach now in his sixteenth year of working independently across charity, public and commercial sectors.  Clients have described him as adept at analysing both strategy and detail, and building close relationships that support the growth and achievement of others.  He has coached several highly talented individuals to increase their capacity & potential.  For many years he was retained as an associate lecturer at Brunel University specialising in strategic planning.


David has held senior posts in the voluntary and public sectors.  He has arranged programmes of training and mentoring for 1200 charity chief executives, supported by commercial sponsors.  Courses on leadership, personal effectiveness and presentation skills have been for delivered for a variety of clients including the Met. Police, and Essex Probation Service.  David is an International Moderator for the Nigeria Leadership Initiative, based in Lagos.

Recent Projects:

Board Assessment for a medium sized national charity based in North London
The Board were keen to discover their strengths and weaknesses to help them recruit additional trustees who had skills and experience that they felt were missing at the time. As board members were together only infrequently, the research methodology was based around a questionnaire followed by telephone interviews. The focus was on aspects of the Board's operation which were not essentially quantifiable. The resulting report aimed to provide a sense of the more intangible aspects which coloured the ability of the Board to deliver it's work, and examined the quality of interaction between it's members. Key responses were grouped under six main headings, designed to feed directly in to the Board's consideration of any changes it wished to make to its operating arrangements, and the recruitment of the next cohort of trustees.
Executive coaching
Worked with a senior legal team member in a large London public body, to put in place strategies to deal with unreasonable management demands, leading to the provision of more accurate information upon which strategic decisions would be based. Enabled the individual to feel valued, and stay with the organisation, rather than leaving for something apparently less stressful.
Business Process Mapping
Worked with the sales team of a major engineering supplier based in Gloucestershire to explore improvements in the time line between orders and delivery. Staff at all levels were involved. Major learning points as a result of the exercise shaved approx 14 days off the supply timeline, and a part-time admin staff member who had worked there for four years said it was the first time she had understood the whole process and was now in a position to point out problems as they arose.
Drew together a programme of training for local authority staff who were to become in-house mentors for those seeking promotion. Preparatory work included assessing existing experience and skills among the cohort. Training focussed on tools that would support the mentors and provided the opportunity to practise using these in a supported environment. A follow up day is planned to review their experience and to make adjustments to the training methodology and content.
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