Henriette Kloots MLPI

Approved Accreditation Mentor
Role: Learning and Development Consultant
Experience: 10 years

Professional Profile:

Henriette has always been in learning. As a child she said she wanted to be involved in “helping people develop”, so that is how early on L&D was running through her veins. As an organizational psychologist she started her career with facilitating team development, coaching higher management, mediating conflicts between employees, but mostly looking for opportunities to take organizations and teams to the next level through learning. Over the last couple of years at Accenture and ICM (Educational Institute in the Netherlands) she realized she has an additional passion: Innovation in Learning & Development. When everyone is staring in a dark tunnel full of the unknown with terms like E-learning, blended learning and LMS, she is the one who helps organizations find the light bulb and helps them turn it on. She is the go-to person when you need an idea to be looked at critically and then taken forward. And simply gets it done. Building a (future-proof) learning strategy and making this relevant for the business, to be taken forward by them, that is where her strength lies. And that in combination with a never-ending energy and enthusiasm for the L&D profession she is so passionate about.

Recent Projects:

Transitioning ICM from a 100% classroom institute to offering future proof blended learning programs. Including all stakeholder management for 150 freelance teachers/trainers.
Consultation: global learning needs analyses and implementing learning strategy for the finance department of Booking.com
Currently working for a start up company in designing educational programs in the water sector in the Netherlands. Also involved in new business development and consulting on how to grow their existing business (http://empower-people.nl/en/)
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