Linda LaBrooy MLPI

Approved Accreditation Mentor
Role: Learning Professional & Coach
Specialities: Blended Learning, Classroom-based delivery/ Instructor led Training and Facilitation, Coaching/Mentoring, Digital Transformation, Executive Coaching, Instructional Design, Leadership Communication and Effectiveness, Learning Strategy and Implementation, Live online learning/Virtual Classroom Delivery, Organisational Change/Development, Performance Management/Improvement/Performance Metrics, Personalisation of Learning, Social and Collaborative Learning/Social Learning Communities, Operations Management, Transition Coaching for Managers and Leaders
Industry Expertise: Consumer, Government (local, central), Hospitality, Insurance, Media, Retail
Experience: 20 years

Professional Profile:

Linda’s career spans nearly 30 years in learning and development and this has been recently recognised by becoming a Fellow and Accreditation Mentor for the Learning Performance Institute.  Linda is one of the creators of the LPIs new certification programme.  She has also recently been a member of the CIPD Learning Matters Committee for the Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire branch.

Linda has enjoyed working in FTSE 100 companies both nationally and internationally, designing and implementing global learning initiatives for leadership and operational resources and courses.  She marries her knowledge of learning and development with her skill with working with subject matter experts creating bespoke operational learning initiatives.

Linda is an experienced ILM Level 7 coach and has helped several companies implement coaching methodologies. As a qualified coach, she is passionate about developing people to be the best that they can be and has a special interest in resilience coaching. Linda has coached many managers and leaders, helping them navigate new roles or making new career choices. She has also mentored many learning and development professionals.

Her accomplishments include developing the strategy for the UKs leading retailer bringing coaching to the forefront across the company. Instrumental in the design of an industry leading, interactive, Trainer Excellence Programme for learning professionals. Linda is also a mentor to new L&D Managers and HR Professionals working on large-scale HR Projects

Relevant qualifications

Recent Projects:

Coaching within a leading retailer
Working with one of the largest retailers in the UK to assess all coaching activity across the company. Although coaching was familiar across the company there were inconsistencies in the knowledge and approach and no process in place for the using external providers. Staff survey results showed large variances in managers performance in supporting teams especially in listening and supporting individuals. A change was needed with a move towards creating a coaching culture. Over 18 months I led the research, analysis and design of solutions of external and internal coaching activity identifying what the philosophy and approach should be. The solution: Introduce principles and processes for all external/internal coaching External coaching - Consolidate assess and monitor all activity Managers as coach - Implement a management programme to increase coaching skills for managers. Internal professional coaches - Develop internal professional coaches by Introducing coaching qualifications to the HR team Results This work reduced goods not for resale by 60% Increase in staff survey results in listening and support from the Manager. Increase in motivation and feeling valued for those in the HR teams that completed the qualification.
Knowledge Share at Broadsheet newspaper
Quality journalism is at the heart of every broadsheet newspaper, so that they can give readers and subscribers the right experience. To satisfy this need in an everchanging world, this newspaper recognised the need to offer differentiated experiences and to achieve this they needed to champion new ways of working. The solution: Working discovery sessions with senior teams over a 6 month period identifying, priority areas, the strategy and approach, development and implementation plan It was paramount that they all worked together to learn from each other; learn about their areas and then implement the knowledge. It was essential to build on their existing skills to enhance stories. The discovery sessions resulted in the creation of a blend of learning focusing on peer to peer learning that utilised existing platforms. The solution included: Team Champions sharing knowledge with their teams. Short targeted sessions delivered by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Dedicated online Academy guides, videos, eLearning and curated web material Communities of practice- Champions and SMEs both virtual and physical Results Feedback showed positive results against the key objectives resulting in: Increased awareness of other teams work All teams were supported and worked together The fundamentals of all the identified areas were shared to all teams
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