Robin Martin FLPI

Approved Accreditation Mentor
Role: Learning, Talent and Organisational Development Consultant
Specialities: Blended Learning, Business Development/Sales Strategy/Business Alignment/Client Relationship Management, Coaching/Mentoring, Impact Measurement/ROI Analysis, Instructional Design, Learning Strategy and Implementation, Performance Management/Improvement/Performance Metrics, Personalisation of Learning, Project Management, Performance Consulting
Industry Expertise: Banking, Defence, Finance, Government (local, central), Manufacturing
Experience: 20 years

Professional Profile:

Professional Profile: Robin is a passionate learning and performance consultant with more than 20 years’ experience from around the globe in a variety of sectors. She brings external consulting and internal experience, and has lived and worked in Canada, UK, Southeast Asia and Spain.

Robin has a talent for deeply understanding a client’s business and challenges, and translating those challenges into tangible, engaging development journeys that involve the learner, their managers, peers and direct reports in a way that impacts performance and adds value to the team, the organisation and their clients.

She literally wrote the book on learning and performance improvement as co-author of the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL) Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals ™. This work represents the standards by which training professionals in Canada are certified (CTDP and CTP), as well as the basis for the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence (CATE).

A Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) since 2016, Robin is also an LPI Learning and Performance Consultant with an interest in mentoring learning providers, learning technology providers and learning departments.

Recent Projects:

Financial Services SM&CR Academy
Robin partnered with a major motor finance organisation to help them prepare for the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR). This included development of an implementation plan, clearly outlining the roes and responsibilities of Risk, Conduct and HR/Talent teams, as well as other key stakeholders. Additionally Robin designed targeted workshops for Senior Managers and Certification Function holders to clearly understand the Regulator’s expectations, identify their risks and develop mitigation strategies and action plans, and articulate their management responsibilities. The workshops were supported by a suite of eLearning targeted at Senior Managers, Certification Function holders and other employees subject to the Conduct Rules. The Academy was hugely successful and attendees felt well-prepared for the incoming regulation. The suite was subsequently adapted and delivered to other partners in the marketplace.
Retail Sales and Culture Change: Train-the-Trainer
Robin partnered with a global manufacturer and retailer of building products to change the shopping experience in franchise locations in the Middle East. She spent significant time understanding the plight of the in-store staff and the challenges they faced, as well as the limitations of the company’s direct influence over franchise staff. To connect most closely and successfully with in-store staff, she proposed a solution which leveraged the company’s sales team: turning them into master sales and mindset trainers over the course of a 4-day train the trainer program. Upon completion of the sales training program, in-store staff would be granted Certified Sales Specialist status. The train-the-trainer program Robin designed and led was incredibly popular and sales trainers felt confident to go out and run the programs, and the first cohort of Sales Specialists left their programs excited and inspired to change the way they saw the world. Early indicators show an increase in customer satisfaction, upselling and problem resolution, as well as high demand from other in-store staff to attend.
Banking Client Experience
Robin worked with a major financial services institution to define and enhance the Client Experience. She led focus groups with clients to define the ideal Client Experience, and subsequently worked with the client to incorporate the Client Experience into nearly every facet of the talent process, including recruiting, onboarding, learning, coaching and performance management. One such initiative was the Problem Resolution program. Robin worked with the client to identify a series of “problems”. She then designed a series of 30-minute meeting guides for branch managers. The themed, leader-led sessions renewe enthusiasm and commitment, while simultaneously building skills for front-line staff around resolving problems. The initiative has had a significant impact on client loyalty scores.
Banking Holistic Onboarding Journey
Robin designed and developed a holistic learning journey to onboard Customer Service Representatives at a major financial services institution. The comprehensive 6-week journey consisted of classroom and synchronous eLearning, asynchronous eLearning and structured workplace learning activities, supported by a regional training coordinator, an in-branch mentor and a manager/coach. Robin led a team consisting of multiple vendors and client staff, designed the templates and style guidelines for trainer, trainee, mentor, manager and training coordinator materials. She provided training for all vendors on use of the templates, and liaised with all vendors to ensure consistency across the programme. This program has been extremely successful, with the client claiming “We have produced the best generation of CSRs in a long time.” The format was subsequently mimicked for the Account Manager Training Program.
Utilities Learning Strategy
Robin worked with a Nuclear Waste Management facility to identify a training strategy for which would satisfy their unique training needs. Some of the challenges included union presence, dispersed locations, high worker and public safety regulations. She conducted an in-depth learning needs assessment to identify issues and options for providing learning. The assessment included interviews with staff and management, training providers, union representatives, and community colleges. She also benchmarked against other organizations with similar attributes and challenges to gain an understanding of how they managed training. The outcome of this assessment was a detailed set of recommendations for a training strategy which included creative solutions and cost-benefit analyses. This report was approved by the client and a 3-year implementation plan was developed in collaboration with the client.
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