Digital Badges

The LPI launched its digital badging programme in November 2016, offering members, accredited organisations, certificate holders, and award winners a verifiable and sharable recognition of their professional achievements.


 Competency Areas

LPI Accreditation
Demonstrate your business value to external and/or internal stakeholders; your commitment to professionalism and best practice. There are 4 programmes to choose from: Learning Provider, Department, Technologies and Facility.

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LPI Certifications
Expand your career opportunities or enter new areas of practice with LPI certification. Each programme is developed by learning industry experts to build critical competencies in specialised topics.

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LPI Membership
Share your status as a recognised and acknowledged expert within the learning and performance community. Demonstrate that you continuously seek to maintain high professional standards.
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Learning Awards

Celebrate your achievement at the annual Learning Awards; a recognition of the highest standards of performance and innovation in Learning and Development.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you are considering an LPI programme that offers a digital badge, have already earned your first badge or are supporting staff who have earned digital badges, these answers to frequently asked questions will help you navigate the LPI’s digital badge programme.

What is a digital badge?
What is the benefit of having a digital badge?
What happens once I complete a certificate or programme that offers a digital badge?
How do I accept my badge?
Do I have to accept the digital badge if I complete and LPI certificate program that offers one?
How long do I have to accept a digital badge that I have earned?
Will my digital badge ever expire?
What happens if my digital badge expires?
How do I share my digital badge?
How do I add my badge to my email signature?
How will someone know my digital badge is authentic?
Who is Credly?
How does Credly protect my information?
If I have digital badges that aren't from the LPI, is there a way to consolidate them into one place?
Can someone copy or steal my badge?
Will I still receive a paper certificate?


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