Innovation in Learning Award

Award description 

The Innovation in Learning Award is open to any organisation that can demonstrate that they have made a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of learning, which points them forward and indicates the future shape of learning. Judges will be looking for new or ground breaking or substantially novel ways of engaging learners, stimulating the creation and sharing of knowledge, integrating learning and work, and accelerating organisational learning and generating business impact. To be successful an organisation must clearly show how they have helped to create an environment that fosters learning and develops capability in the workplace. You will need to demonstrate how sustainable value has been created, and business impact over time has been built.

In 2018 the winner of this award was MWR InfoSecurity.

Entries for the Learning Awards 2019 are now closed. If you have already submitted your entry and would like an update on your progress, please contact Pauline Saunders at