Learning Leader of the Year

Award description 

The Learning Leader of the Year Award is presented to an outstanding learning leader who has made a real difference, in a strategic sense, to both the learning operation in their workplace and the organisation as a whole in terms of impact and effectiveness and is seen as a leader amongst his or her peers. In particular, the judges will be seeking clear differentiators from other entrants to the award, evidence of innovation and endorsement by both team members and the employer. The entry should offer a strong proposition in response to the challenge ‘why this person, this year?’ The submission can be self-written or nomination based.

In 2018 the winner of this award was Kavita Kurup.

Entries for the Learning Awards 2019 are now closed. If you have already submitted your entry and would like an update on your progress, please contact Pauline Saunders at psaunders@thelpi.org