Learning Technologies Award

Award description 

The Learning Technologies Award is presented to a new or innovative product that has been used to carry out a learning project. The product chosen should be new to the Learning and Development industry, not simply new to the organisation. Use of the product must demonstrate high quality outcomes and innovation – in terms of both content, delivery and impact.  The project must have made a demonstrable difference and delivered a clear business impact over time. This should include evidence of innovation in the choice of technology, as well as client endorsement. The judges will be seeking clear differentiators from other entrants to the award.  There should be a strong proposition of the initiative in response to the challenge ‘what value did this innovative technology contribute to the overall success of the initiative?”

In 2018 the winner of this award was Sky Academy.

Entries for the Learning Awards 2019 are now closed. If you have already submitted your entry and would like an update on your progress, please contact Pauline Saunders at psaunders@thelpi.org