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What the infographic shows

The Learning and Performance Institute has accredited thousands of learning organisations since 1995. Using data obtained specifically from internal Learning Departments, measured across a comprehensive set of business KPI’s, we looked at where today’s L&D departments are excelling, and where they are experiencing challenges.

Key Findings

Successes – Internal learning departments are very good at understanding their “customers”; they know what training/learning is needed across the workforce and they know how to put targeted programmes into place. They are also strong on developing organisational capability in addition to developing their own staff in support of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) goals.

Challenges – Internal learning departments are less effective when aligning ‘learning needs’ with ‘business needs’. This is due to many departments being isolated from business strategy and not having the influence and authority with leadership to be able to justify L&D spend. Departments also struggle with adapting to the pace of change within their parent organisation, especially when that change demands new digital learning solutions to support an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce.

What to do with this data

The Learning and Performance Institute’s accreditation services offer a route for organisations to establish themselves among the top perfomers, and to achieve consistently high KPI results.

The LPI also recognises the challenges L&D departments face and runs an established Performance Consulting Masterclass certification to help departments build credibility as an influencer and true business partner.

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