Clients work with us because our focus is on creating and enhancing the capability in their organisation to manage projects, programmes and strategic change effectively. CITI transfers skills, knowledge and expertise in ways that are effective in, and align with, their culture, their practices and their business.
We believe there is no one way; no ‘right’ way to create capability – to us each client is different. And so to deliver what clients need – sustainable and beneficial change – over the past 30 years we have developed specialised approaches and techniques that facilitate personal capability development; support the implementation of organisational practices; and focus on the delivery of value from investments made in change initiatives.
This enables us to deliver solutions that are individually tailored to each client and it is this that sets us apart – we combine the practices of project and change management to support the creation of expertise within the organisation.

In essence, we develop the capability and talent available to organisations to deliver and embed change effectively which, in turn, improves their ability to compete and thrive.




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