Filtered is an award-winning company which develops innovative technology to personalize learning for the world’s 230 million knowledge workers. Their market-leading product, magpie, makes intelligent learning recommendations powered by AI and delivered through a chat interface. It makes sense of vast libraries of learning assets in seconds to provide a personalized learning feed.

Since launching magpie in 2017, Filtered has delivered this learning recommendation engine to global brands such as Royal Mail, NHS, Reach, BBC, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, and many others, to connect learners with the right learning content, be that their own in-house creations, off-the-shelf libraries as well as public domain content.



Filtered’s scalable productivity tool, powered by a machine learning engine, identifies skills gaps in an organisation and combines the benefits of a big picture learning path with detailed micro-recommendations. In just 30 minutes businesses of all sizes can tailor training programmes on an individual level through this innovative training needs analysis tool.

The core library includes 20+ courses in essential business skills (such as strategy, communication, leadership,project management), Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc), business systems design and compliance.

Client’s own content can also be adapted to the platform, creating shorter, sharper, more relevant learning of existing material.

Filtered supports partners with training and ad-hoc marketing materials to allow them to successfully resell courses to their client portfolio.



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