Fuse Universal

Fuse Universal is an integrated learning platform which helps large and fast-growing companies build a culture of continuous learning and drive measurable improvements in performance from day 1. With its mobile-first design and community features, Fuse Universal enables companies to unlock knowledge and insights from their top-performing employees in order to teach and engage their teams worldwide, while also supporting traditional learning content and courses.

Used by over 150 customers worldwide, including Spotify, Adidas, Scandic, and Vodafone, The Fuse platform combines machine learning and artificial intelligence with beautifully-designed tools to enable content curation, creation, and crowdsourcing.

Fuse Universal is proud of its global education charity, FuseSchool, which supports 200,000 students online. Funded by Fuse Universal’s successful commercial business, FuseSchool is transforming the secondary school education curriculum into high-quality bitesize content, free for all to access.

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