Happy Ltd

Happy Ltd has been recognised to the LPI’s prestigious Gold Standard since 1997, the only other provider in the UK to have that length of recognition.

Whether you want to learn software in an enjoyable way (our Happy Computers division) or transform the culture of your organisation (Happy People) we can help. The company also has a bespoke e-learning development team and an apprenticeship division to help 18-23 year olds start a career in coding.

In the LPI’s annual Learning Provider of the Year, Happy has twice won Gold and four times won Silver. In Learning Facilitator of the Year, Happy trainers have won Gold four times, and Gold, Silver or Bronze on nine occasions. The company has also been rated one of the best in the UK for customer service (by Management Today) and, for five years in succession, one of the top twenty workplaces in the country (by the Financial Times/Great Place to Work Institute).

But most of all we create engaging and enjoyable learning experiences focused on the need of the business and the learner. 98% of delegates say they enjoyed their day at Happy and the majority report it had a real impact on their work.

Happy Ltd offers:

Happy Computers: Schedule of courses on MS Office, Google Docs and other end-user software. Support for bespoke software roll-outs, including Siebel, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle.

Happy People: Happy Manifesto conferences on creating happy, productive workplaces. Four day Happy Manifesto leadership programme. Bespoke culture change programmes for organisations.

Happy e-learning: Two minute productivity videos on MS Office and bespoke e-learning development.

Happy Apprenticeships: Web development apprenticeship for 18-23 year olds. Also leadership and management apprenticeships for existing staff.


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