Thrive Learning

Founded in 2017, Thrive Learning has been established to instigate a much needed change in the learning technologies industry. We’re here to help you get things right by harnessing modern technology and contemporary methods to deliver inspiring learning to your employees.

Thrive provides organisations an opportunity to modernise their learning delivery with a new, modern Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Social learning, automation and more, our LXP provides consumer-grade learning environments, easy and seamless multi-device content creation and curation opportunities and gamification as standard. Leveraging personal and behavioural data, Thrive provides personalised, automated experiences to every single user – providing relevant, timely learning at the point of need and giving you more time to improve and iterate.

Offering both off-the-shelf microlearning and bespoke elearning, Thrive puts high-quality instructional design at its heart. Created to cultivate a ‘customer-centric’ learning culture, our training interventions deliver a superb learner experience through design, interactions and rich-media.


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