Learning Programmes of Excellence

Studies have shown that learning programmes are now crucial weapons in the fight to attract and retain talent.

Working closely with modern learning organisations across the globe, we have developed Learning Programmes of Excellence - a prestigious award recognising exceptional, state-of-the-art learning programmes that attract, engage and empower.

Eligibility for Learning Programmes of Excellence is world-wide. There are no limitations on programme length, subject or delivery method.

Companies that achieve Learning Programmes of Excellence rank among the very best in the world for innovative, leading-edge talent development.

What are the benefits for internal L&D functions?

 Attract new talent

Boost your appeal as an employer by showcasing the calibre of your learning
programmes and development opportunities within your organisation.

 Engage existing employees

Give employees peace-of-mind in knowing that their training is of the highest
quality, up-to-date, relevant to their roles, and designed to bring about
tangible performance improvement.

 Motivate managers, stakeholders and investors

Bring prestige to your learning programmes with an independent, globally-
recognised mark of quality, evidencing your investment in developing talent and boosting organisational capability.

 Demystify “what good looks like” and get invaluable guidance

Your learning programmes are evaluated against a rigorous and comprehensive reference framework, which you can then use to build future capability. We’ll pass on vital guidance and industry knowledge that will prove invaluable for future learning programmes.

What are the benefits for learning providers?

 Absolute guarantee of quality

Validation that your learning programmes are capable of creating a lasting positive effect on performance and business outcomes.

 Powerful voice in the market

Attract and inspire potential buyers by offering products that have been endorsed by the leading global authority on learning.

 Strong competitive advantage

Backed by the LPI’s trusted, respected and well-established global brand, your learning programmes will carry a quality mark that elevates them above the competition, making your sales and marketing teams’ jobs easier.

 Invaluable mentoring and guidance

Inspired by our accreditation programme, you have preferential access to a highly-skilled and experienced industry expert throughout the year, helping you to grow your business in line with best practice.

The Learning Programme of Excellence award includes:

  • A preliminary consultation with a learning expert to fully understand the scope of your programme.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your learning programme against a reference framework, based on decades of industry experience.
  • An in-depth report offering revealing insight into your learning programme, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future development.
  • A dedicated mentor who can help you build capability for future learning programmes, based on your existing assessments.
  • Access to the LPI’s unique and extensive network of professionals, practitioners and services, all dedicated to boosting efficacy in workplace learning.
  • The Learning Programme of Excellence award as a shareable digital badge and certified logo to use on your sales and marketing material.
  • Inclusion in the LPI’s online directory of organisations who have achieved this award.
  • Opportunities for promotion of your award via selected 3rd parties, such as employment agencies and industry publications.

Learning Programmes of Excellence is a prestigious award recognising the world’s best learning and talent development programmes.

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 How your Learning Programme is assessed

Your learning programmes will be assessed against five core areas, covering the essential elements from initial scoping, through development, and finally to measuring and evaluating the impact on the organisation’s performance.

What are the 5 essential ingredients of excellent learning programmes?

 Success stories: organisations recently awarded Learning Programmes of Excellence
 3 simple steps towards the Learning Programme of Excellence award
  1. Decide which learning programme(s) you wish to submit. Any type of programme is eligible: there are no restrictions on content, length or delivery format. For example, you can submit a single classroom-based training course or an entire portfolio of programmes covering multiple activities in a learning path or curriculum.
  2. Complete the form and submit it.
  3. We will contact you to discuss next steps.

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