Certification Courses included in LPiLEARN

Digital Asset Development

Self-paced. Typical completion time: 8 hours
Downloadable certification on completion

This course will help you develop digital learning assets for your audience.

Course Contents

What are digital assets?
An introduction to some of the core digital assets you will learn to develop.

Your assignment
Introducing your assignment – putting your learning into practice!

Writing great content
What makes good copy?

Considerations writing yourself vs contracting out
Questions to help you decide if you should take on the task.

Creating text content
When to use text, and how to apply Plain English and storytelling techniques.

Curating your content
How to curate content that is appropriate for your audience and overall objectives.

Finding and creating powerful images
Why it’s important
An overview of images in a learning context.

Imagery and learner engagement
What to think about when using images to get your message across.

Types of images
An explanation of different types of images and where to use them.

Selecting and using images
How to find the images for your project and edit them.

How to create your own graphics
Types of graphics, basic illustration techniques, and tools.

Making impactful audio and video
Why it’s important
Video and audio in a learning context.

Choosing the best media for a project
A chance to see the principles behind choosing the right media.

Will audio work?
A simple check to see if audio is right for your project.

Will video work?
A simple check to see if video is right for your project.

Producing and editing audio files
When to use audio and how to record and edit audio files.

How to shoot your own videos
When to use video and a video 101 on lighting, scripting and editing tools.

Building effective animations
Why it’s important
The purpose of animation in a learning context.

Which animation style
A simple diagnostic tool to help you see which style might suit your project.

Techniques for producing animations
When to use animations and how to apply a simple process to make production smooth and simple.

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Video Production

Self-paced. Typical completion time: 8 hours
Downloadable certification on completion

This course will help you to master the technical and artistic aspects of video production.

Course Contents

Exploring the video production process
A look at the overall production process.

Planning your production
Steps to planning a video and preparing for the production process.

Budget and timescales
How to set off on a strong footing by considering budgets and timescales.

Identifying resources
Exploring the resources you’ll need to get in place to make your video a success.

Defining your video content
How to focus your video for maximum effect and efficiency.

Scripting and storyboarding
This short video introduces scripting and storyboarding.

Form and style
Examples of different types of video.

Elements of a good script
Exploring the key elements of a good script.

Video script template
A template to get you started when creating your script.

Elements of a good storyboard
Exploring the key elements of a good storyboard.

Storyboard template
A template to get you started when creating your storyboard.

Shooting your video
This short video introduces shooting your video.

Exploring a set
Before the cameras roll, get to know the set.

Getting the best from your camera
Understanding your camera and how to get the best from it when shooting your video.

Recording your audio
Key considerations when recording the audio for your video.

Lighting your video
Exploring the basic equipment required for lighting your video and the right set-up for best results.

Directing your video
What the role of a director involves and the skills you need to successfully direct your video production.

Production and editing
This short video introduces post-production.

The editing process
A look at visual and audio editing, and visual effects.

Selecting your video editing software
A look at some of the most popular video editing software in the market.

Editing your video and audio
Explaining the post-production process of editing your video and audio.

Exporting and sharing your videos
Considerations when you are getting your video ready to export and share.

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LPiLEARN is a great resource for the L&D community. To have expertly curated content aligned to the Capability Map in one easy to find place makes our professional journey so much easier, and the breadth of material is useful for teams both large and small.
Simon Gibson

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