LEARNING LIVE Networks regularly attracts international speakers from around the globe to discuss their insights, findings and opinions across all things Learning and Development.

Some of our previous speakers and their topics include:

Dave Coplin
The Rise of Humans

Allister Frost
Emerging Digital Technology

Jeanne Meister
The Future of Work

Sean Weafer
The Evoloution of Coaching

Abhijit Bhaduri
The Modern Chief Learning Officer

Sally Spinks
Design for Evolution – Not Change

Nigel Paine
Learning Culture

Andy Lopata
How NOT To Get Referrals

Patrick Woodman
The Digital Potential

Seven Suphi 
The Mindset of Leadership

Paul Morgan
Digital & Business Transformation

Issy Nancarrow
Learning and Marketing

Donald Clark
AI in Learning

Myles Runham
Digital Learning, Service of the Future

Ettie McCormack
Performance Consulting

Kevin M Yates
Data Analytics and Learning

Donald H. Taylor
Plotting The Path to the Future State of L&D

David Perring
Trends in L&D

Lori Niles-Hofmann
Decoding Digital Body Language

Lorenzo Giliomme
A Whole New World of Learning

David Hyner
Setting MASSIVE Goals

Sara Hope
Mastering Conversations

David C. Forman
Fearless HR

Stacey Harris
Modern Leadership

Nick Shackleton-Jones
How People Learn

Joanne Jacobs
Digital Strategies in Learning

David James
New Ways of Learning

Dr. Julia Shaw
Making Learning Memorable

Charles Jennings 
Learning Strategies

Julian Stodd
Learning In the Social Age

Nick Bate
The New Roles in L&D


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