Team Assessment, powered by the LPI Capability Map

LPI Capability Map Team Assessment helps you build a future-facing L&D team by optimising both the capability and capacity of available talent.

It combines individual skills assessments with strategic analysis and heat-maps, giving you a holistic overview of the capabilities of the entire L&D department. Indispensable for skills development, gap-analysis, progression and succession planning.

Team Assessment is part of the Performance Through Learning programme, helping L&D build future-ready, motivated and effective learning organisations.

✔ Ensure teams are skilled and aligned to meet business goals and objectives.

✔ Create more balance, with less reliance on key individuals.

✔ Lower recruitment costs by onboarding specialists only when you know their skills are not available internally.

✔ Develop an intelligent budget and business case for targeted investments by demonstrating the true value of an agile and flexible team.

Team Assessment is available as two options



A snapshot of current team capability, strengths and gaps, mapped against the 25 reference skills needed for a modern L&D function. Ideal when you’re looking for a measurable baseline for planning.

✔ Provides a holistic view of the team’s current capability

✔ Helps bring focus to activities that addresses capability gaps

✔ Highlights talent development priorities

✔ Provides a baseline for progression/improvement


✔ Dashboard

✔ Individual/Team Heat Map

✔ Top & Bottom Skills (by Team/Job Family/Position)



A full analysis of current team capability plus forecasting and planning routines to ensure the L&D function can execute its future strategy and is strongly aligned with talent management services.

OPTION 1 plus:

✔ Shows current skills against future state needs (e.g. transformation)

✔ Provides role mapping + target skills for future state needs

✔ Reveals critical proficiency gaps to assist talent development efforts

✔ Development workshops for teams to mobilise career/talent management initiatives

Roadmap development support for short, medium and long-term actions

✔ Project Management support

✔ Change Management and Communications throughout

✔ Evaluation, measurement and re-assessment for periodical KPI reporting


✔ Dashboard

✔ Individual/Team Heat Map

✔ Top & Bottom Skills (by Team/Job Family/Position)

✔ Team Current vs. Required Skill levels

✔ Team Gap Heat Map

✔ Executive Presentation and insights

Team Assessment

powered by the LPI Capability Map

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