Sponsored Learning Professional - 2017

The LPI annually sponsors a learning professional and equips them with the skills, tools and networks to significantly develop within their chosen field. In 2017 we chose Salma, read her story...

Salma Meah – 2017 LPI Sponsored Learning Professional

Learning and technology are two of my favourite subjects, put the two together and I become a fanatic. Some may consider this a little quirky or even, weird, but that’s the great thing about being fanatical about something that you love, you can truly immerse yourself into it wholeheartedly. I can probably talk the hind legs off a donkey about the difference in education and learning in the workplace, the restrictions involved, etc., but I won’t. Instead I am excited about new opportunities and innovative ways of helping impart my passion for learning technologies as this is often skimmed over and dumped under the umbrella of ‘boring’ eLearning by many organisations.

I believe that technology is advancing at great speeds, but learning cannot necessarily keep up with the pace and demands afforded. Thus, consequently receives such bad press. It is a crying shame as everyone is entitled to learning and should not be frightened off by poor deliverance. As an educator, I feel that it is my duty to help bridge this gap, one ‘byte’ at a time. Fear not, I do have many other idiosyncrasies to walk the hind legs off some other mammal with, one for another time.

 Why we chose to sponsor Salma

We chose Salma to be our Sponsored Learning Professional because of her clear passion and drive for learning and her recent personal circumstances.

In the space of a single day, Salma’s life changed forever. In the morning, she was told that a role she had been encouraged to apply for was not going to materialise and that she would be effectively made redundant. Then, later that afternoon, news came in that her close friend and work colleague had tragically lost her life in the terrorist incident on London’s Westminster Bridge.

Salma’s abilities and passion for learning were evident from her application:

Recently, as Head of eLearning at DLD College London, she had been project managing and leading staff and the executive board towards upgrading the college LMS platform, including raising awareness and adoption rates for staff and students alike. She had focused particularly on developing and enhancing staff ‘digital literacy’ and overseen a team of eLearning Champions and Engineers.
Salma also demonstrated her academic prowess, having completed a Masters degree in Education and Technology at UCL Institute of Education, with a dissertation on the impact of Technology Enhanced Social Inclusion on young people and NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Salma considers herself an advocate for life-long learning and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and hopes to do further work in the field of learner behaviour and attitudes towards technologies within a learning environment (LMS/VLE).

Follow Salma’s journey with the LPI in her video diary

16.05.2017 – Meet Salma

6.7.2017 – COLF Review


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