Sponsored Learning Professional

The LPI annually sponsors a learning professional and equips them with the skills, tools and networks to significantly develop within their chosen field.

Jack Lockhart – 2018 LPI Sponsored Learning Professional

Jack wants to “help the most possible people become the best possible version of themselves

 Why we chose to sponsor Jack

“The entries to the Sponsored Learning Professional 2018 programme have been outstanding. We have had submissions from a diverse range of people, across the globe from Australia, to India, to the Middle East and Europe. Jack’s application stood out as being from someone with both fresh ideas for learning and an already impressive career so far – and we are pleased to support his continued development in Learning and Development.  As the LPI Sponsored Learning Professional, Jack can now look forward to a programme of courses, events, support, mentoring and networking that will empower him to become a significant contributor to the field of workplace learning, in the same manner as all professional members of the LPI. I look forward to working with him and wish him the very best.”

Edmund Monk
CEO The Learning and Performance Institute

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Jack’s introductory video

Jack’s application video

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My Biography
I started my L&D journey when I joined The Training Foundation (TAP) in May 2013 as a wide-eyed graduate, not long after leaving a role in recruitment. I was quickly introduced to the good, the bad and the ugly of L&D. It was only when I had some complications after a knee injury in 2014 that I fully understood the power of development, pulling myself from quite a dark place to a more happy, positive and confident one.

It was then that I realised the power that L&D has within the business and the opportunities it had for improving people lives, inside and outside of work. I set about making sure I could help L&D teams have the biggest possible impact on their businesses, I’d got the bug.

That bug led me to take up a volunteer with Princes Trust as a mentor on their face-to-face and virtual development programmes which has led to several positive outcomes for the young people involved.

I needed to take the next step and really satisfy the bug, at the start of this year I took a huge leap and started as a Learning Consultant at Virgin Media. I’m now on the rollercoaster, and looking forward to the ride!

Why I applied
I applied for this programme because I’m always curious about how I expand myself and my skillset to help others. I also applied to prove to myself that it’s possible to overcome my own fears and put yourself on video and not be scared – it’s entirely possible I promise!

What it means for me
This means that I can move a step closer to delivering a vision where I help people to become the best possible versions of themselves. It will give me an opportunity to broaden my skillset and an early part of my career and embed best-practice by leveraging other approaches to delivering learning. Focusing on ‘performance’ will benefit how we get an impact from learning, rather than just delivering ‘training’ for training sake.

Jack Lockhart
Learning Consultant – Virgin Media

How can you help?
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