Get up to speed quickly with the essentials of running engaging online meetings and sessions. All popular virtual meeting platforms for live online events are covered.

Duration: 2 x 90 minute live online sessions
Audience: Ideal for business leaders and anyone who wants to run engaging online meetings
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Welcome and Session Intro

A short introduction to the module to set the objectives; confirm expectations and ensure all are familiar with using the online tools to communicate and interact in session.
Challenges of Online Meetings

Open discussion utilising whiteboard and other communication methods to review the current challenges of the online environment for meetings. (Prior to this online interactive module, you will be encouraged to complete a short online survey with the intention of capturing concerns; issues and challenges around Online Meetings – this information will be used to steer the agenda with the aim to ensure everyone’s concerns and issues are addressed during the event)
Preparing your Meeting Presentation Materials

It is essential to ensure that your online meeting materials are designed in a way to engage and not simply slides full of text. So before reviewing how to design materials that will maintain interest, we will explore the reasons why people switch off in online meetings.
Opening your online meeting

The opening of your online meeting is your first opportunity to capture attention and generate interest and so we explore what actions you can take which make a difference. For example, how and when should you greet your attendees – as they join the meeting or as the meetings starts? This is just one small element which makes a big difference.
Maintaining Engagement

How do you maintain engagement when you cannot see your audience? This segment explores why it is more difficult to keep people engaged online and what you can do about it in terms of introducing interactive opportunities and how to use your voice to help generate interest and help maintain engagement. You will also explore steps to take if you feel an audience member is not engaged and may be multi-tasking.
Using Web Conferencing to Engage

There are some great features available to help maintain engagement and interest in your online meetings which are explored in this segment. Consider for a moment, do you set up your meetings fully in advance and ensure you have the correct session settings for your event so that you feel in control from a technical perspective? Are you familiar with introducing Polls and Whiteboards to gather feedback and aid engagement? Do you know how to chat privately with meeting attendees or to remove a person from the meeting if needed? Do you have control of the audio in your meetings or, does the meeting run out of control with people talking over each other and background noise a disruption. What text chat settings are you allowing in your session?
Closing your Meeting

The close of your online meeting is equally as important as the opening. We will cover how to structure the close of your online meeting professionally.

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SOM 24 JUL Friday 24th July – 11.00 – 12.30 Friday 24th July – 13.30 – 15.00 LIMITED PLACES

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