Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA)

Since its launch in 2008, TPMA has transformed the quality of training delivery for hundreds of organisations, trainers and trainees.

Why Assess Trainers?

Trainers may know their subjects inside out but that doesn’t mean they are going to be effective communicators.

For a training manager, knowing that all trainers have reached an industry-recognised level of competency means that quality is assured across all courses.

Adopting TPMA as a standard assessment and monitoring program gives several benefits:

The quality of all training is maintained to the highest standards.

Course delegates acquire a sound learning experience, highly relevant to their respective workplaces.

Trainers become more confident in their abilities to train.

The consistency of approach and adherence to an industry-recognised certification can help win business both internally and externally.

How does it work?

TPMA focuses on the needs of the learner, not the knowledge of the trainer.
This “inverted” approach allows trainers to understand how their delegates consume information which, in turn, increases their confidence to deliver it.

Unlike most off-the-shelf training certifications, TPMA Assessments are carried out in a live working environment giving trainers the confidence that TPMA will have a direct impact on their current role.

The ongoing quality of performance is ensured by regular, live, independently-governed assessment sessions.

Craig Hamill of Zonal talks about the benefits of TPMA

Attention Microsoft Trainers!

TPMA counts towards MCT
The LPI TPMA certificate is one of only a handful of certificates accepted globally by Microsoft. Microsoft trainers, anywhere in the world, who hold the TPMA certificate can demonstrate that they have reached a level of instructional delivery that meets or exceeds the high standard demanded by the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) programme.
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A selection of companies who are using TPMA to revolutionise their training delivery

Happy HIS NHS Guy's and St Thomas'


JISC Motorola Pitney Bowes Zonal


Become an Authorised Assessment Centre

Become an LPI Authorised Assessment Centre (AAC) and conduct your own TPMA Assessments.*

Or go a stage further and become an LPI Authorised Qualification & Assessment Centre (AQAC) where, apart from carrying out the services of an AAC, you can also offer your own Train the Trainer course (recognised by the LPI) and deliver the TPMA assessment as part of the course. This will help you to reduce your training development costs as you will control the performance standards of your training staff.

*AAC and AQAC organisations must hold a current accreditation from the LPI.


LPI Authorised Assessment Centres

The following companies have been accredited and authorised by the LPI to provide TPMA Assessments to external organisations.

Click a logo to view that organisation’s TPMA pages

Atkins Avnet Deloitte
HIS JISC Pitney Bowes Crown Agents


LPI Authorised Qualification & Assessment Centres

The following companies have been accredited and authorised by the LPI to provide TPMA Assessments to external organisations and have an LPI authorised Train the Trainer course which utilitises the TPMA assessment as part of the course.

To enquire about TPMA in your organisation, please contact us using the form below

TPMA has great significance, as it is the first industry certification that meets all of our quality requirements and commitments. We were keen to become one of the first AQACs to provide courses and assessments for our clients and associate trainers. Since its launch we have received a fantastic response in terms of queries for the courses, and interest in the value of the certification.

David Field, Director, escalla

The new standard is a very exciting development and we are getting huge interest in it from our clients. It provides a new flexibility and a new focus on the needs of the learner. I believe TPMA has the potential to transform the quality of training in our industry.

Henry Stewart, Managing Director, Happy Computers

TPMA is much more flexible than previous training certifications. This will have real impact on the training we deliver.

Ruth Alabi, L&D Manager ICT, Tower Hamlets Council

The TPMA service at last provides a clear industry wide set of trainer quality assessment and monitoring standards suitable for all training professionals, whether they are trainers, tutors or teachers.

Pete Bayley, Qualifications Director, BCS

As a trainer it is always good to get feedback on delivery style so that I can constantly improve as a trainer and helps me to focus on my weaker areas. The feedback was positive and constructive and certainly not negative or derogatory. It is an excellent way of ensuring that I do not get sloppy or fall into bad habits and helps me to keep sharp as a trainer.

Gary Bramhall
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