Rapid upskilling for future-proof L&D

As the role of L&D evolves to meet the needs of a digitally-empowered workforce, your skills are more important than ever.

LPiLEARN helps you quickly gain knowledge on the essential skills that learning experts say are in demand right now.

Rapid upskilling for future-proof L&D

Quickly get up-to-speed. Build your future capability and readiness by learning the essential skills needed in L&D.

One Place, One Price

Save time and effort searching for content. LPiLEARN is a treasure trove of expertly-sourced resources and programmes – all in one place and all for a single annual fee.

Practical and results-driven

Leave the theory aside for when you have more time. LPiLEARN helps you learn as you go with practical how-to guides and moment-of-need resources.

What you can do with LPiLEARN

Focus your efforts on future-proof L&D

Align your learning with the skills global experts say are in demand right now.

From Data Analytics to Virtual Classrooms, you’ll find actionable and practical resources to help you get up-to-speed quickly and effectively.

And with everything conveniently aligned to the LPI Capability Map, you can be confident that what you’re learning is both current and essential.

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LPiLEARN Ignite – rapid upskilling and inspiration

Earn valuable credentials

LPiLEARN includes two professional foundation certifications (with more on the way!)

• Digital Asset Design – gain the confidence and know-how to create engaging digital learning resources.
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• Video Production – attain the specific skills needed to create, produce and distribute compelling videos for learning.
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Showcase your achievements with downloadable certificates and digital badges.

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Certification programmes developed by

Get everything you need, in one place

Download and use hundreds of practical guides and how-to resources from the industry’s most respected learning providers and thought-leaders.

All content is expertly sourced by our curation team to give you maximum value, with no adverts or selling.

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Just some of the organisations and individuals who have provided content for you.

Beat the forgetting curve

LPiLEARN includes MemoTrainer, the smart way to retain and activate new information.

With selective repetition and adaptive exercises built-in to your learning journey, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills more efficiently.

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MemoTrainer helps you beat the forgetting curve

More benefits to accelerate your learning journey…

• Unlimited updates – enjoy regular new content and new certifications at no extra cost.

• Get instant notification of new content as soon as it becomes available

• Chat with colleagues and share feedback with live messaging and collaboration tools (B2B customers only).

• Check the status of your progress at any time and get reminders on incomplete activities.

• Plan your learning with calendars and scheduling tools

• Online help and support

See LPiLEARN in action with this 5-part explainer videos series

LPiLEARN is a great resource for the L&D community. To have expertly curated content aligned to the Capability Map in one easy to find place makes our professional journey so much easier, and the breadth of material is useful for teams both large and small.
Simon Gibson

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