Sandra Ng MLPI

Approved Accreditation Mentor
Role: Learning, Talent and Organisational Development Consultant
Specialities: Blended Learning, Classroom-based delivery/ Instructor led Training and Facilitation, Coaching/Mentoring, elearning, Employee Engagement, Impact Measurement/ROI Analysis, Instructional Design, Leadership Communication and Effectiveness, Learning Strategy and Implementation, Marketing/Marketing Strategy, Organisational Change/Development, Performance Management/Improvement/Performance Metrics, Personalisation of Learning, Project Management, Social and Collaborative Learning/Social Learning Communities, Social Media, Operations Management, Quality Management, Resource Management and Outsourcing, Transition Coaching for Managers and Leaders, Performance Consulting
Industry Expertise: Consumer, Education, Food and beverage, Government (local, central), Hospitality, Media, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications
Experience: 15 years

Professional Profile:

I’m a consultant, coach and facilitator with 15 years’ experience creating and implementing strategic Learning, Talent and Organisational Development projects within the public and private sector. I enable transforming Global businesses and their people shift mindsets, optimise strengths, improve engagement and performance, shape future direction and achieve goals.

I’m committed to and passionate about helping people explore possibilities and reach their full potential, whilst building capability and driving growth and collaboration. I help solve tricky problems involving organisational and behavioural change, culture, performance and development, using a compassionate, honest and energetic approach.

I love inspiring and empowering people and organisations to dramatically improve the way they think, be curious, confident and resilient, positively impacting performance and wellbeing and I’m motivated by being able to make a difference through helping people develop, achieve and grow.

I’ve worked across multiple functions at all levels creating and implementing Leadership, Change and Talent initiatives involving positive psychology, neuroscience and a blended approach and have a strong ability to think holistically, build strong relationships and credibility.

When not at work my passions include photography, yoga, mindfulness, live music, food and travel.

Recent Projects:

Working with Senior Leaders on a significant Change programme. Supporting managers with cultural change and transition, health, wellbeing, resilience, storytelling, change messages, reactions to change and how to lead teams in an uncertain world. Coached managers on how to think differently, change mindset and unconscious bias
International Technology/Media company
Management Summit for 40 leaders in Europe. 2 days of development involving topics such as Career Conversations, Virtual Teams, Change, Manager Effectiveness, Performance, Impact, Motivation, Courageous Conversations, D&I and Talent.
Created and delivered an integrated Talent Management and Leadership & Management strategy and solutions, including coaching framework, mentoring and succession planning enhancing capabilities for over 150 leaders up to Executive Director. Sessions were facilitated along with reflective practice and action learning groups to enable people to think differently. Designed and developed Graduate, Succession planning and Talent Management frameworks and programmes and sessions on how to identify and recruit talent. Coaching for Senior Leaders on how to mentor and develop Graduates. Developed and facilitated Continuous Improvement Workshops that optimised frameworks and processes for various faculties and departments, improving service to customers and stakeholders. Created and executed change leadership activities and plans, focusing on health and wellbeing, shifting mindsets and creating a resilient workforce. This resulted in employees becoming positive about change and more engaged. Created & facilitated team effectiveness away days, cross function reflective practice groups that reduced Silos and improved ways of working across teams.
Supported, managed and delivered the Global Leadership & Talent programme up to Senior Director, demonstrating improvement in capabilities and behavioural change.
Retail, Public Sector and Hospitality businesses
1:1 coaching with members of exec and senior managers on a range of topics e.g. change, personal effectiveness, difficult conversations, inspiring teams, restructures, new leadership teams, confidence, strengths, values of organisation, ethics, D&I.
Working with senior leaders and teams on team effectiveness, team profiling and strengths. Delivered sessions on accountability, team spirit and motivation
Delivery of programmes to managers and teams on Leadership and Change e.g. influence and persuade, motivational styles, performance management, relationships and strengths, D&I.
Global Supermarket – Head Office/Retail/Supply Chain/Logistics
Designed and developed Graduate resourcing and development strategy, programme and mentoring scheme. Managed and redesigned the future leaders programme, resulting in several colleague promotions to manager level.
Developed and delivered strategies and initiatives for all colleagues on behavioural skills, team effectiveness, D&I, ethics, performance management, customer service, sales, on-boarding, culture change and employee engagement up to senior leaders
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